YNWA:This is how haters started!!!!!(A Must Read Article)

This is how haters started!!!!!
Liverpool won't make top 4 - we did
Liverpool won't make it pass the play offs - we did
Liverpool won't make it out the group stages - we did
Liverpool will struggle without Coutinho - we started playing brilliantly.
Liverpool will go out next round - we eliminated Porto
City is too good for Liverpool, City will go through - We slaughtered them
Roma will do what they did to Barca, Liverpool will go out - we went there and booked our place in the final.
Now it goes "Real Madrid will destroy Liverpool in the final. Liverpool faced easy competition".
Our critics will never learn not to underestimate us. On to the final we go. With a thin squad, average players according to the haters. Add to that a Chelsea reject, a £75million donkey(like they predicted VvD to be) an Arsenal reject, an Academy graduate and an incapable captain. I have heard it all and never doubted this team. The 2005 final in Istanbul has replayed in my mind over many years and over 10 years i have hoped for a repeat of what my young eyes witnessed that night.
Always a red and i have never said "die" never will.
They have song.. We have hymn 
They have managers..
We have guardians
They have stadiums.... 
We have home
They have supporters... 
We have family. 
#YES we are Liverpool.
To all my fellow reds .......
You'll Never Walk Alone.
You are not alone!!!

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