Klopp: 'Roma not an easy draw'

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp warns “if anybody thinks Roma were the easiest draw, then they didn’t see both games against Barcelona.” The two sides are scheduled to clash in the Champions League semi-final, as the draw on Friday pitted Real Madrid against Bayern Munich. “Whichever opponent we would have got, I would have said there is a chance because it is football - so there is a chance against Roma,” Klopp told the official Liverpool website. “But if anybody think this is the easiest draw then I cannot help this person; they obviously didn't see both games against Barcelona.” Roma were unlucky to lose 4-1 at Camp Nou, including two own goals, but absolutely dominated the second leg and emerged with a 3-0 victory at the Olimpico. The Giallorossi have still not conceded a single goal on home turf in the Champions League this season and topped their group ahead of Chelsea and Atletico Madrid. “From an excitement point of view, it's really cool because I've never played in Rome. It's a beautiful city for sure, but we are not there for sightseeing,” added Klopp. It is above all a reunion for Mohamed Salah, who has lit up the Premier League since his transfer to Liverpool. “For sure it will be interesting for Mo, but that shows all the quality of Roma. Everybody knows how big Mo’s impact on our season has been – and they’ve played a season without him. Where would they be if Mo was still there? “It makes it a really interesting thing and for him, it will be 100 per cent special. He is already of interest wherever we go, but it might go crazy when we go to Rome! He can deal with that, I am sure.”

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