Rusev Winning Battle Royal at WrestleMania 34 Is the Only Way to Save Momentum

 Countless notable names have already solidified their spots on the WWE WrestleMania 34 card, and many more are soon to follow. But one star without a clear path on the Road to WrestleMania is the ultra-popular Rusev. What's so stunning about that is how WrestleMania just so happens to fall on Rusev Day, which is also the next day and the day after that. WWE's failure to honor one of its most beloved stars on his own holiday is a mind-boggling move, to say the least.
In all seriousness, thunderous chants of "Rusev Day" can be heard in every arena across the country whenever The Bulgarian Brute is on the show, as well as in arenas where he isn't even on the card. Look no further than Ring of Honor's 16th Anniversary Show, which took place in Nevada on March 9.

WWE has long been of the mindset that if a specific Superstar isn't in its plans, regardless of how over they are with the audience, it won't focus on them until absolutely necessary. Zack Ryder organically evolved from an unknown enhancement talent to a YouTube sensation all on his own. The company eventually threw him a bone in the form of a short-lived run with the United States Championship before drastically curtailing his television time and never featuring him as a prominent player on programming again. Similar to Ryder, WWE has been selling "Rusev Day" merchandise like hotcakes since the start of the year, according to Sean Ross Sapp of Despite leaving him off SmackDown Live more often than not, it would be asinine for WWE to not utilize Rusev in some form at WrestleMania.

I need a celebrity to fight me at !

Rusev's recent celebrity challenge sparked plenty of interest from the wrestling Twitter community, with fan suggestions ranging from Stephen Amell to Donald Trump. That isn't exactly realistic given how stacked the WrestleMania card is, but he would be the perfect person to work with someone from outside of wrestling if the opportunity presented itself. Pairing Rusev with Shane McMahon would also be interesting. Shane has had the deck stacked against him by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn lately and may need a tag team partner for WrestleMania. Slotting Rusev in that spot would be an upgrade from undercard purgatory. If neither one of those options is possible, winning the fifth annual Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal would be the best way for Rusev maintain his momentum.

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