Manchester United News:Luke Shaw Confronted Jose Mourinho After Being Subbed Off Against Brighton

In the battle between Luke Shaw and Jose Mourinho at Manchester United there will ultimately be only one winner. But that's not because Shaw isn't going down without a fight, the left-back spoke back to his manager last time he was embarrassed. Luke Shaw's time at Manchester United looks certain to come to an end this summer and in some ways that will be a massive shame for the player and in many others it might well come as a relief. Ever since his high profile move from Southampton to Manchester United things haven't really gone too well. His first season was beset by lots of little injuries and just when form came to him at the beginning of the second season he suffered a horrific leg break that took him out for the whole season. Shaw suffered a broken leg in a Champions League game. Image: PA Images Things have never really improved since then and everytime he turns even the slightest of corners he seems to get smacked back down again, often by his own manager. The latest setback came in United's recent FA Cup game against Brighton. Shaw started but with the Red Devils 1-0 up at half-time he was substituted for Ashley Young, causing all sorts of backlash against Mourinho on social media and in the press. Now the Daily Mail are reporting that Shaw didn't take the subbing lying down. In fact things got heated in the changing room in the break with the 22 year old proclaiming 'Why are you always picking on me?' During the first half of the match Mourinho, who had been criticised in the days leading up to the match because of his side's failure to beat Sevilla in the Champions League that week, was more animated than usual on the sidelines. A lot of his shouting was aimed at Shaw and the reason given for subbing the left-back was that he wasn't defending well enough, with Young replacing him and setting up United's second with a free kick headed in by Nemanja Matic. Whilst Mourinho might well win the battle with Shaw at Old Trafford, and will no doubt replace him in the summer, the former Saints player is still young and can still go on to be an excellent full-back elsewhere. It wouldn't be the first time Mourinho is left to regret not fancying a player.

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