'Just calm down!' Theresa May's BRILLIANT response to SILENCE groaning Labour MPs at PMQs

The Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn quizzed the Prime Minister about what small businesses want out of Brexit negotiations with the EU. The Prime Minister insisted that she had the backing of small business across the UK to deliver what the Government have set out. Mr Corbyn demanded to know what sectors within the UK the Government want to align with the EU and which they want to diverge. Mrs May said that she would make the UK’s full position clear during her landmark Brexit speech on Friday before she was interrupted by opposition MPs. To hush the groans from the opposition benches the Prime Minister made a humorous noise before she demanded they “just calm down”. The Conservative benches erupted with MPs laughing and jeering at Mrs May’s quick response. Theresa May added: “I have already set out in some detail the position that the Government is taking, I will elaborate on that further this week. “What we want to ensure that across a variety of sectors the goods sector, but also looking at issues like financial services which are such a crucial part of our economy. “That we get the relationship that means that we are able to ensure that we can see that trade across the borders between the United Kingdom and the remaining EU 27 members and that we have no hard border between Northern Ireland and we are absolutely committed to delivering on that. “He talks about people not having a clue. I will tell him who doesn’t have a clue about businesses and jobs, that’s the Labour Party who wants to borrow £500billion and bankrupt Britain.” During the heated session in the Commons, Mrs May also accused Mr Corbyn of betraying the British people with his position wanting to remain in a customs union after Brexit. Mrs May said: “We will bring back control of our laws, our borders, our money.” The Prime Minister also said she wants a good trading relationship with the EU but insisted it was also vital the UK can forge trading deals with the rest of the world.

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