BREAKING: Donald Trump to run for US President in 2020

DONALD Trump has vowed to run for President again in 2020 in a bid to carry out the full eight years of his tenure in the White House, the US figurehead has revealed.

The unorthodox 45th leader of the country has previously hinted at his ambition to run for a second term – and has regularly led campaign style rallies during his time in office. Now Trump has confirmed he will definitely stand for the role as the Republican candidate. It is unusual for a party to throw suppot behind any other politician vying for the role at the same time at the President, making it likely he will be the Republican representitive to battle for the White House in 2020.
He is believed to have already named his campaign manager – Brad Parscale who served as media director in his 2016 bid – and has started to amass campaign funds in preperation for the race. His bid comes 980 days before election day – uncommonly far in advance of the race. His declaration comes as the Mueller investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 campaign – and alleged ties between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin – gains speed. So far 19 people have been charged in relation to the probe, including senior Trump campaign officials Paul Manafort and Michael Flynn.

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